Using a smartphone app to register complaints and engage the government is one of the most remarkable initiatives launched by the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Performance Management Cell, at the office of the Chief Secretary, KPK, conceived the idea of the Citizen’s Portal and launched the application on October 01, 2015. The app is simple tool that allows citizens to register themselves and send their complaints to the government.

Within a span of four months, over 18,000 citizens of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have registered themselves on the Citizen’s Portal and have lodged over 5,000 complaints out of which over 3,000 have been resolved successfully. The real time statistics of the citizen registration and complaints can be accessed publically on

The app has associated web dashboards for Deputy Commissioner, Commissioner and the Chief Secretary office. Deputy Commissioners of all Districts are responsible for managing their citizens, complaints and officers. They can add as many District Officers as needed. Currently the complaint management feature is accessible to over 900 offices across the province. This shows how tightly the app is integrated within the government structure.

Citizen’s Portal is first of its kind application in Pakistan that uses ICT towards establishing e-governance in true sense. A unique essence of the app is the integration at various levels of the government structure. A complaint registered by a citizen is immediately available to the concerned Deputy Commissioner, Commissioner and the Chief Secretary. The Deputy Commissioner assigns the complaint to concerned District Officer for compliance. The process is transparent to all higher tiers. Citizens can provide feedback and rate their complaint resolution to inform authorities in case if complaint is not resolved to their level of satisfaction.

There is also a mechanism in place for unresolved complaints. A complaint unaddressed for 15 days gets escalated to the Commissioner and onwards to the Chief Secretary after 7 days. It is obvious that some complaints are about systemic issues that cannot be resolved within given timeframe. However, such complaints remain active in the system and in the purview of the authorities at all times. The motive of the Citizen’s Portal is that “No complaint will remain unresolved”. The objective is to resolve all complaints amicably regardless of its complexity and nature.

The Chief Secretary office is making efforts to institutionalize the Citizen’s Portal as it is proving an enormous utility for public and the authorities. The app features will be further improved; integration with government entities i.e. Federal bodies, authorities and departments will be enhanced while keeping the focus to improve quality of complaint resolution and citizen engagement.

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