• before cleanliness operation at Shangla

  • during cleanliness operation at Shangla

Cleanliness operation in Besham, Shangla

Complaint Details:-

                               Complaint against sewerage system at Abseen coloney besham and to state that Sewarge system completely destroyed drinking water and swarge water mixed and peoples are using it for drinking, due to which they are facing various diseases like Diarrhea, Thphide and Skin diseases

Complaint Resolving Details:-

                                The sanitation staff were deployed to the Abasin Colony Besham on 5/2/2016 , The waste were removed/disposed off from the subject site (Photographic evidence attached). The concerned MPA has allocated the sufficient funds for the purpose to improve the sanitation situation at Abasin Colony Besham , but due to local despite the work could not be made up-till now. The complainant may resolve the despite between the communities before inciting any developmental work at Abasin Colony Besham, The community may also approach the local setup ( concerned VC) for day to day collection of waste please.