• poor construction of Road, khattak kalony, kohat

  • construction of Road, khattak kalony, kohat

Renovation of Khattak Kalony Road, Kohat

Complaint Details:-

                          kohat khattak kalony k rode abi kuch month pehly banaya gaya ta liken os mai nakes metrial imstemal kia jis ki waja sy rode ek month mai hi kharab ho gaya or cheing wala bi koi nhi hai.or tekydar bi teek sy kaam nhi karty.

Complaint Resolving Details:-

                           Complaint resolved on November 19, 2015 with the details that as per report of C&W Department Kohat, the Road has been inspected by SDO Roads Sub Division Kohat on 18.11.2015. The road is in good Condition except one place which was damaged due to loaded Tractor Tyre slipped and will be repaired by the Contractor accordingly.