• Beggars in Phase III chowk

  • Action taken by the concerned authority against the Beggars

Acation against Beggars in Phase III Chowk, Hayatabad, Peshawar

Complaint Details:-

                             To many beggars at phases 3 chowk and yousafzai market, so annoying and many males are drug addicts please take an action against them.

Complaint Resolving Details:-

                             The Social Welfare Department, District Peshawar has two centers one for child beggars and 2nd for male beggars conducting raid twice a week. For female beggars, the department has no facility. Darul Kafala for Male Beggars has the capacity of 20-25 beggars to be accommodated. Some of the beggars are Senior Citizens having different diseases and physically weak for which the facility has no medical cover for them which create embarrassing situation for the staff. However, the Manager Darul Kafala has been directed telephonically to focus on Phase-III Chowk, Hayatabad. As for as the presence of Drug Addicts are concern, the responsibility of treatment and rehabilitation of Street Drug Addicts have been entrusted to Dost Welfare Foundation (NGO) to whom presence of the Drug Addicts in the said Chowk of Hayatabad, Phase-III will be conveyed for settlement of the problem/issue as early as possible please.