• image showing garbage and plastic begs & Sewage water Nala

  • cleanliness operation in specified area

  • cleanliness operation in specified area

Cleanliness of drain and garbage near Batai Chowk Tahir Abad, Mingora Swat

Complaint Details:-

                          There is a drain and garbage in our area,this garbage has been lying here and is increasing day by day,this needs to be picked up from here and cleaning should be done on a regular basis.The drain is also filled from the garbage.This is a resendential area so I hope that a scheduled be prepared for its cleaning Batai Chowk Tahir a bad,Mingora Swat.

Complaint Resolving Details:-

                          According to the report of the Chief Sanitary Inspector, TMA Babuzai (Mingora) dumped garbage has been removed from Bhatai Chowk, Tahir Abad. The dwellers of the areas thrown the wastes/ garbage at site, the Sanitation Staff removing the same twice on weekly basis. It is pertinent to mention here that there are only three trollies are available with TMA for removal of garbage from dumps/ sites for (09) Urban Union Councils, and dumps are removing on scheduled programme. However garbage from the site has been removed as mentioned in complaint No.2232, 2495 and 2752. Pictorial evidence is attached herewith for ready reference. TMO, TMA Babuzai, Mingora.