• 1.Image before cleanliness operation

  • 2.Image before cleanliness operation

  • 1. Image during cleanliness operation

  • 2.Image after cleanliness operation

Cleanliness operation in Mingora, Swat

Complaint Details:- 

                           Union Council Faizabad Mohallah Docter Iqbal, Mingora, Swat may nekase nale gandage say bhar gya hay awr fahar may barte hue abade ke waja sy bajre say boht sy ghar zamindoz ho gaya hy awr khadsha hy k mazed barish ki waja say mazeed ghar taba hony ko khtra hy agar waqt par sapaye na ke gaye yo mazeed gar taba hony ka khtra hy.

Complaint Resolving Details:-

                            The Chief Sanitary Inspector, TMA Babuzai (Mingora) inspected the site situated at Faiz Abad. According to his statement there is water way, which packed of thousands tons of debris and removal of the same is beyond the capacity of sanitation staff. However garbage from the site has been removed as mentioned in complaint No.2462, pictorial evidence is attached herewith for ready reference. TMO, TMA Babuzai, Mingora, Swat.